SR&ED Tax Credits

Government Funding is the most attractive funding available for a growing company.

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program is a multi-billion dollar government incentive program to encourage innovation and leadership by subsidizing eligible R&D expenditures. The program is among the best sources of funding firms undertaking technology development in the world. In Canada, all projects that attempt technological advancement, have technological uncertainty and use a systematic approach are potentially eligible for a refundable tax credit (or reduction of taxes payable) for related eligible R&D expenditures.

Our Services

At R&D Partners our focus is on the SR&ED tax credit program; but we also assist with any other program that may benefit our clients. We aim to provide the appropriate solutions for each of our clients’ particular needs.

  • Identification of eligible technical projects
  • Validation of eligible projects, activities and costs
  • Preparation of technical report
  • Preparation of financial/tax entries
  • Complete support for audit defense
  • Implementation of R&D tax credit best practices and software solutions
  • Training and support of your team year-round
  • Assistance with other tax credits and grants

R&D Partner is a leading independent Canadian R&D tax advisor, where we have successfully assisted clients seek over $100M in R&D tax credits. We have a solid track record across a wide range of technologies and industries, as well as, a comprehensive and current understanding of the R&D tax rulings allowing us to thrive in complex R&D tax situations. Finally, we have a very positive working relationship with the federal and provincial tax authorities across Canada.

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