Mission and Values


R&D Partners is a team of experienced professional engineers and finance/tax experts committed to providing the highest level of service to meet the business needs of clients that range in size from start-ups to large multinational technology companies. We strive to leverage our knowledge base, adapt our approach and role, and work hard to be an efficient and effective member of our client’s team. We are focused on maximizing returns and simplifying life for our clients.


Dedication, integrity, innovation, respect for the individual, delivering value, and making a positive impact in the world are our core values.


We are members of a number of professional association and orders including: the Order of Engineers of Quebec, CFA Institute,Quebec Association of Tax and Financial Planners (APFF), Quebec Technology Association, and the Montreal M&A Club.

Our Sustainable Development Policy

R&D Partners is committed to respecting environmental regulations and reducing pollution through the implementation of a sustainable development policy and an investigation of the impacts of our activities, products, and services on the environment. The main aspects of our sustainable development policy are the following:

  1. Social involvement: Initiated through social and professional networks and associations, as well as complimentary counselling and mentoring of young entrepreneurs in their business start-up activities.
  2. Sustainable travel choices: Conscious decision made by the downtown Montreal team to use public transportation and a ride-share program for professional travel needs.
  3. Diligent handling of waste: Through implementation of a waste management system based on the 3RV-E principle.
  4. Eco-conscious purchasing of office supplies and computer equipment.
  5. Energy efficiency: Sustainable heating, cooling, lighting, and other practices.
  6. Increasing awareness and collaboration: In addition to communicating our sustainable development strategy to suppliers, clients, and partners, we will use our professional position to promote energy efficiency programs provided by the government to existing and future clients.

R&D Partners is also committed to continuously improving its sustainable development policy through annual reviews of the policy and its objectives. The policy will be communicated internally, as well as externally.